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The solar equipment of SOLART-SYSTEM  produce electricity from the solar radiation!

The photovoltaic elements (PV cells) convert the solar energy into electricity directly. The PV development and application have a long tradition in Hungary. The first PV cells were developed in the first part of 70' in the last century. The first PV installation was done in 1975 in Hungary.

        The SOLART-SYSTEM develops and prepares custom oriented equipment and delivers them on turn key basis. The SOLART-SYSTEM develops solar autonomous power supplies for remote places  This equipment are more economical than the grid connection in Hungary if

the yearly electrical energy demand less or equal than

 and the grid connection is farther or equal than

50 kWh

60 m

100 kWh

110 m

200 kWh

220 m

500 kWh

550 m

1000 kWh

1,1 km

5000 kWh

5 ,5km

The data are demonstrated in diagram as well. Beyond this break down cost data the PV applications are more economical if the installation is not permanent.  The equipment of the SOLART-SYSTEM can be dissembled and newly installed at other application. The investment will be payed back because there is no electricity cost anymore.

       The SOLART-SYSTEM delivers for DC  (e.g.12V, 24V, 48V) or AC  (e.g. 230 V~ 50Hz) as well.

    The SOLART-SYSTEM is able to deliver PV  grid connected systems as well.

      NEW. ONLY AT OUR COMPANY. THE QUASIAUTONOMOUS SOLAR SUPPLY (QUASI).   At the autonomous power supply the power supplying of the consumers is provided by autonomously without grid connection. At the grid connected system the energy produced by the solar generator is fed into the grid. At the quasiautonomous power supply the power supplying of the consumers is provided mostly by the solar generator and in fewer part by grid, but at grid off the QUASI works as an autonomous solar power supply. So the power supply is uninterrupted. The QUASI is also able to feed into the grid the surplus energy produced by the solar generator automatically. The QUASI can be sized for different power, autonomy and for electrical solar fraction. As an option the QUASI is provided by measuring and monitoring system for evaluation of the system continuously. In addition to the electrical parameters the measuring and monitoring system collect the meteorological data. The QUASI also contains a PC connecting to the measuring and monitoring system as well.


The technical data of a typical QUASI:

        Average value of the electrical solar fraction in Budapest: 700 kWh/year

        Nominal output voltage: 230 VAC, 1phase,~ 50 Hz

        Maximal output power: 500 VA

        Maximal autonomy: 48 hours (at 100 W load)

        Transition time: lower than 0,004 sec

        Nominal feed in power: 800 W

        Dimension of switching box: 600x800x250 mm


Company profile

Solar Equipment

Multipurpose Power Supplies